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Submitted by: Confluence Denver“I have been working with a food truck all summer and have seen and tried many of them.  This is my favorite.  The food is healthy, fresh and delicious.  It also helps that the owners/people who work here are really friendly.  The best smoothie I ever had was here melon-coconut! Just writing about that smoothie makes me want one so bad right now! And their veggie pot stickers are great too!” — Jessica L. (Yelp) — August 9th, 2013

“Waited nearly a year and travelled 4 states to try Manna. Totally worth it. Whether you are a native of Colorado, a tourist or stopping through on business you have to take the time to try Manna.
A full family operation I will let the food speak for itself but do not be surprised if you get to spend time speaking to one of the Godfathers’ of the Denver food truck scene.
Along with great Vietnamese they have brought a sense of community back to food.
A must try/ have again and again in Denver.”  — K R. (Yelp) — August 2nd, 2013

“I have passed on this truck many times purely because of the wait time. Today I was lucky enough to get there before the rush. My order did take quite a bit but it was worth the wait. This is my first time with bahn mi and I found it quite enjoyable. The woman who handed my food was so sweet and warm and I may visit again just because of her. All in all you gained a fan!” — Brenna W. (Yelp) — August 1st, 2013

“Food truck food is the best food. Hands down. Well mostly Manna From Heaven! @mannafoodtruck” — @Britney3oh3 (Twitter) — July 26th, 2013

il“We had the spicy pork Bahn Mi, veggie Bahn Mi, and pork  Vietnamese tacos, at Civic Center Thursday. All was absolutely yummo!! Sounds like I have to try the Dumplings/Pot stickers.” — Sherri T. (Yelp) — July 25th, 2013

“Yup it’s a food truck, yup you stand and line and possibly eat your food standing up – but it’s delicious! I always for the banh mi! Mmmm! Some day i’ll branch out and try more…  but for now, it’s my goto meal!  The staff is super friendly, always with a smile and always happy you are there! I always love to see them at Civic Center Eats, and anywhere else they are!” — Nicole W. (Yelp) — June 25th, 2013

“@mannafoodtruck thank you for a Fantastic lunch yesterday at Veg Fest! Top notch tacos, holy smokes!” — @aprileeee (Twitter) — July 8th, 2013

“Oh god, the @mannafoodtruck hype is legit, banh mi = love.” — @jelenawoehr (Twitter) — July 5th, 2013

“THE DUMPLINGS (potstickers, whatever)! So delicious. How do they do it?!?!?” — Cliff T. (Yelp) — May 26th, 2013

“I love the dumplings at this truck. Love them enough that I had to drive across town on a Saturday just to stalk them for more after my first taste left me wanting more.
Their tacos were goo so was the Bahn mi but the dumplings truly take the cake.
P.s. Their nectars taste fresh like the fruit had a war with some ice in a blender and you got the tasty leavings of their death match.” — Jennifer V. (Yelp) — May 21st, 2013

pl“YUM! Tried their chicken potstickers for the first time at Cirque du Yelp. Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside…super savory and topped with a sweet n’ spicy sauce and a little bit of salsa fresca. Again, YUM!” — Nicole S. (Yelp) — May 19th, 2013

“One of my favorite trucks in Denver!” — Frank B. (Yelp) — May 14th, 2013

“This place is great! The owner made me laugh and I got amazing food. They have gluten free options too! 10% of the proceeds go to feed the hungry, and that’s awesome. Follow the truck! Yum yum :)” — Caroline E. (Yelp) — May 7th, 2013

“Skeptical at first but it was PRETTY good considering it come off a truck.” — Chris T. (Yelp) — May 1st, 2013

“Addicted to the banh mi. Comes to Campus on Wednesdays I believe. I know what I’m getting for lunch on Wednesday!” — Tyler G. (Yelp) — April 25th, 2013

l“This is one of the better food trucks in Denver. The menu is healthy and the food is delicious. The kid who takes payments is very nice and the lady who gives you your food is equally so. She even asks you about your day…. that’s pretty cool. Food can take a little while, but they warn you about it with a sign on the window.” — Braden S. (Yelp) — April 16th, 2013

“Tried the dumplings at Cirque de Yelp tonight.  They were fabulous little flavor bombs.  Loved the mix of textures and flavors- the pockets were perfectly cooked with a crispy sear on the bottom.  The pineapple garnish perfectly offset the spicy chili. If the rest of the menu is as good as the dumplings – I’ll be adding a star to this review next time I visit.” — Kristin A. (Yelp) — April 16th, 2013

“Manna has the BEST banh mi in Denver.
I’ve had Manna’s food many times, and I have tried everything on their menu. Everything is distinctly different, fresh, and packed with so much meat, it’s almost outrageous how good of a deal you’re getting. My favorite, of course, is their Banh Mi. It’s served in a roll, and filled with a different blend of veggies than traditional banh mi. Their meat is always grilled fresh, and everything’s made to order, so of course you’d have to wait at least 5 minutes for your food. My wait time was 10 minutes, which is reasonable, but when I was handed my food, the lady actually apologized for making me wait, and handed me strawberries with my order! The service is top-notch, and the food stellar. Yum.” — Sarah S. (Yelp) — April 16th, 2013

manna-from-heaven-food-truck“…delicious Pork Bahn Mi!” — @PhillipMark_

“My lunch was awesome.” — @TehAngerra (Twitter) — February 18th, 2013

“Vegan Taco Trio from @mannafoodtruck Special Order w/o Tofu #foodtruck #gourmet IT WAS SUPER AMAZING! Thanks Vu +crew” — @ablazefoodtruck (Twitter) — February 17th, 2013

“As the front of the truck says, this isn’t fast food, but the wait is worthwhile!  The banh mi are overflowing with crisp veggies and incredibly flavorful condiments.  The rice boat is huge and great on those days when you’re really hungry.  The boba are not too sweet, with a good ratio of tapioca to smoothie, and you can even get a hot chai boba.  If you’re lucky enough to find the big blue truck on a cold day, don’t miss the soup!  The soups all start out vegan and you have the option to add meat if you want– how refreshing to have something everyone can eat without compromise!” — Emily F. (Yelp) — February 10th, 2013

“Love you guys!!! I was at 1st Friday Art Walk recently and your taco’s BLEW me away!!!!” — Rita B. (Facebook) — February 7th, 2013

“A banh mi makes EVERYTHING better!” — Emily K. (Facebook) — February 7th, 2013

Submitted by: Anya from YourHub“Thanks for those amazing pot stickers!!! 20 was just enough to last us to Southlands Mall one of these days I may have to take you up on the 80! those little buggers are delicious.” — Wrek ‘Em All (Facebook) — January 26th, 2013

“Thanks so much for saving me from the awful food in the Tivoli tonight MFH!  It was great seeing you guys back on campus!” — Nathan S. (Facebook) — January 22nd, 2013

“Damn good! Manna rice bowl!” — Tim H. (Facebook) — January 19th, 2013

“The Best Gourmet Food!” — Abigiail P. (Facebook) — January 16th, 2013

Submitted by: Lori Midson - Denver Westword“First experience with Manna Food Truck on Saturday. Pork Banh Mi was so delicious we left and came back 30 minutes later for the Teriyaki Beef Banh Mi. Fantastic! Also, thanks to Larry for coming out to the our car where we were devouring our banh mi and asking us our thoughts on the food. You can definitely tell they care about the food and the people eating it. We will be back!!” — Chad B. (Facebook) — January 8th, 2013

“The meal was pretty dang good coming from a meal truck. Yes, I’m bigoted like that. I didn’t think a good meal could come from a meal truck. I had tacos. Other than being in corn tortillas (which I’m not a fan of), it was dang tasty. I would recommend this to people and I hope other food trucks STEP THEIR GAME UP!” — Matthew B. (Yelp) — January 6th, 2013

Submitted by: Lori Midson - Denver Westword“Loving my lunch!  Thanks guys, I’ll be looking for you again soon! (^^^)” — Christy M. (Facebook) — January 5th, 2013

“I have been wanting to order what Manna From Heaven Gourmet Food Truck has to offer many moons ago.  Finally managed to get hold of Manna From Heaven Gourmet Food Truck outside REI Flagship Store in Denver, Sunday October 21st 2012.  I met Robin and her son for Lunch.  Time was about 12:15hrs.  Manna From Heaven Gourmet Food Truck was already there, just opened for Lunch and while we were waiting for them to prep and all we choose to seat and the tables and converted white pails that Manna From Heaven Gourmet Food Truck provide for patrons…

This was the item I ordered that afternoon coz I had another prior engagement:
*  1 Steak Banh Mi ($7.50).  My order comes with a packaged cocktail peanuts.

Submitted by: Sweet Lil BakerySince we were the first patrons in line, our food came out piping hot and fresh and no waiting time at all.. Well at least like 10 minutes for our food to be ready…  The service was efficient.  The lady who is the owner aka Manna Chef was indeed friendly, inviting and welcoming.  She struck several conversations with us.

I like the flavor of the Steak Banh Mi, coz its seasoned well and I WISH I Could Have More!  Portion are reasonable for the price.  All the toppings that comes with the Banh Mi was indeed fresh and the Bread comes with the Steak Banh Mi was soft to chew…  I like like it alot.

From Robin’s and her son’s feedback, they like their order too.  If I am not mistaken they ordered the Trio Tacos and Banh Mi.  Awesome Lunch I had with Yelp friends on a Sunday afternoon and catching up.

Through their Facebook, you can find Manna From Heaven Gourmet Food Truck in town.  Definitely to return and share my Banh Mi delight with Hubs in the future.  See you soon Manna From Heaven Gourmet Food Truck.” — Riza H. C. (Yelp) — December 31, 2012

Submitted by: Michelle P.“Perfect lunch from @mannafoodtruck absolutely delicious! Come to toys r us and get a banh mi! Your tongue will thank you!” — @HenOnTheTown (Twitter) — December 23, 2012

“The best banh mi in Denver!” — Mary G. (Facebook) — December 13, 2012

“Ah… the memories of sinking my teeth into a Pork Banh Mi and Honeydew Boba three weeks ago… You guys rock! Well worth the Westword Award, totally ruined my experience with a boring, traditional banh mi on Federal.” — Phil T. (Facebook) — December 12, 2012

“Walking out of REI very hungry…saw food trucks and Manna from Heaven looked the most appealing. And YUM, the vietnamese potstickers were heavenly. We ate them in a split second. SOOOO good…and cheap! Now I’m going to be a Manna groupie. Check them out!” — Nancy M. (Yelp) — November 21, 2012

“Yummy banh mi and potstickers. The vegetarian banh mi came with zucchini and plantain along with the tofu, which I found a little strange, but aside from that the flavors were very fresh and the potstickers reminded me of some I had in China, which is high praise!” — Emily H. (Yelp) — November 19, 2012

Submitted by: Denver Westword“Delicious food, can’t get enough of their bowls. Love the customer service too. Too bad they’re being forced to cut back on when they can come to the Auraria campus. Complain to the campus/schools if you want more Manna!” — Arielle W. (Yelp) —November 1, 2012

“Manna From Heaven catered my wedding in October at Artwork Network Gallery in Denver. Larry and Vu (owners) did an amazing job for an amazing price. The food was fresh, made to order, and all our guests were so happy with it. We also ordered a bunch of appetizers that were also very well made.
They were always friendly, communicative, and easy to work with. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.” — Paul B. (Yelp) — October 17, 2012

“City fruit loves manna`s spring rolls!” — City Fruit, Kendra V. (Facebook) — October 7th, 2012

Submitted by: gerrybmtz“When I found out that Denver Food Truck Row would be set up not too far from work last Thursday, I went down to Sherman and Colfax in search of delicious street food.  Manna From Heaven was my top choice and the Bahn Mi sandwich was the daily special.
You have a choice of protein on your Bahn Mi and I went with chicken instead of pork.  The sandwich also included carrots, cilantro, bean sprouts, cucumbers and a spicy mayo/Sriracha spread.  The bread was not a traditional baguette but still very good except that it was a bit soggy once I made it back to the office.  This was my first ever Bahn Mi experience so I have no basis for comparison.  I can only tell you that is was full of flavor and spice.  The sandwich came with a package of Japanese cocktail peanuts, which were also spicy and a bit sweet.  Never had those before either, so it was an afternoon of firsts.
I really wanted to try one of Manna’s drinks – fresh squeezed limonade, Thai iced tea, or a fruit smoothie – but it was the first true cold day of the year and I wasn’t really in the mood for a cool refreshing beverage.  So I will save those for another time, which apparently will come soon.  One of the Manna Chefs told me that some configuration of food trucks will be in that location every Thursday.  Hooray for mobile food!” — Vicki P. (Yelp) — October 6th, 2012

“@mannafoodtruck I just ate the best sandwich of my life. These guys know what they’re doing – and damn they do it well!!!!” — @StraightUpMusik (Twitter) — September 28, 2012

“Food trucks are by nature hit or miss. I am totally sold on this one. It was parked down the street from my house at the Oriental Theater for a show, so I figured I’d give it a try. I had the banh mi sandwich and an egg roll. Man that sandwich was good. I’m glad I took it home to eat because my knees would have buckled had I tried to eat it standing up on the street. The roast pork is some of the best I’ve ever had. Just succulent. The veggie slaw they top it with was fresh and crisp and is the perfect accompaniment to the pork. I grew up in a city with a sizable Vietnamese community, and this is one of the best banh mi I’ve had. The egg roll was good, too: light, crisp and not greasy. I’m not the “food truck groupie” type to follow a truck all over the city, but these guys made the thought cross my mind. If I’m at some place/event where they are serving though, they will definitely get my business.” — Steve O. (Yelp) — September 28, 2012

Submitted by: betterwithveg“Oh. Heavens. Yes.  Don’t even think about it.  Just order that Bahn Mi sandwich like that sign says.
Be prepared for a beautiful little bread treasure chest stuffed with spiced pork, carrot pickles and lettuce.  The color, the texture, the smell, the flavor- one bite and you’ll see the light.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
Manna from Heaven Made my day.  The skies really did open up and drop this divine food truck upon the fair city of Denver. I think I might even drive to work tomorrow just to drive down to Civic Center Park and get a sandwich.  AMAZING.” — Andrea T. (Yelp) — September 26, 2012

“I had the Manh Bi today and it was incredible, just wanted to let you guys know. :)” — Zakk B. (Facebook) — September 19th, 2012


Submitted by: Anya from YourHub“Hello,  I was speaking to a woman regarding the rabbit on the side of the truck at the Taste of Colorado. Easter, I was told was his name since his arrival was on said holiday. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that your pot-stickers are some of the best I have had. I truly enjoyed them and loved the picture of Easter on the side of the truck, since I am a bunny owner myself. I wish you the best of luck of your bunny approved business and all the best in the future. I cannot wait until you gain a sit-down establishment, that way I can eat without the sun in my face. Thank you so much for the flavors and rabbit-oriented theme. We cannot thank you enough, other than we cannot wait until we catch you again. Much love.” — Ded R. — September 5th, 2012

“The potstickers from the Manna from Heaven food truck were probably the best taste I had all day.” — Dale Z. (Yelp) — September 4th, 2012

“Manna had awesome food… So good!” — Steph K. (Facebook) — September 1, 2012

“OMG my absolute FAV!!!! Wait 2 hours in line is worth it.” — Bobie G. (Facebook) — September 1, 2012

“I was lucky enough to wander into Civic Center Park today during the food truck round-up on Tuesday, Aug 21st. I work on the other side of downtown and had no idea what I’ve been missing out on all summer.
The Bahn Mi sandwich on the Manna menu caught my eye. I only recently discovered Bahn Mi this past year, and it has been a recurring craving of mine ever since.
The wonderfully pleasant woman at the window who handed me my sandwich asked why I picked their truck, and I had to admit my love of Bahn Mi. She said hers was not quite traditional, but to let her know how I liked it.

So here I am to say that regardless if it was traditional or not, it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had; definitely in my top 5 list.
The grilled pork was perfect, the pickled radish/carrot mix had a wonderful kick that really added to the complexity of flavors, and
everything in that sandwich tasted absolutely fresh. I’m glad I waited to eat it until I got back to my office, because I ate it so quickly, had I eaten it in public, people would have been staring at me.

I will be back for more.” — Ty — August 21st, 2012

“Manna Rice Bowl from @mannafoodtruck Manna this truck is the best in Denver!” — gerrybmtz (Twitter) — August 20, 2012

“Do we love Manna from Heaven? Indeed, love is the word. We had Vu, Larry and the Manna team cater our Rehearsal dinner for our wedding and it was an absolute hit. The truck pulled outside of our venue and the guests flocked out to enjoy the food and apps.
Vu and Larry are wonderful to work with and overly kind. The food is superb, and when you know it’s coming from great people it seems to taste even better.” — Jackie N. (Yelp) — August 5th, 2012

“Found your truck at the touch a truck event in HR. the menu sounded different and intriguing. Got the potstickers and the steak banh mi. It was the BEST sandwhich I have ever had. The marinade on your steak was so yummy and the meat was tender not at all tough and chewy like most. There was just enough spice from the sauce to make it interesting. I am now a serious follower of your wonderful truck! Thank you for bringing good healthy eating to Colorado! Not sure if you share your recipes or not but I would LOVE the steak marinade and mayo recipes if you so offer.
Kindly, Page (Mom of 4 and now Manna follower)” — Page W. — August 11th, 2012

“Manna from Heaven was my first stop at The Justice League of Street Food.  I almost walked right on by, since “Manna from Heaven” doesn’t exactly scream “Vietnamese food” to me, and I hadn’t done my homework on Yelp before making my way to the event.  With the recent Chick Fil-A kerfluffle I wasn’t sure I wanted to mix religious zealotry with my food zealotry, then I spied banh mi on the menu and that pretty much stopped me in my tracks.
This was my first Colorado banh mi, and I have to say it was pretty good.  Sandwiches are served on bolillo rolls rather than the crispy, crusty, Viet-French baguettes (not judging here — I love my tortas so am good with bolillos, but some banh mi aficionados might be put off) with hearty portions of their fillings.  You get a choice of beef, pork, chicken, or vegetarian as your main filling, a generous swipe of a very tasty sriracha mayo spread, and piles of veggies — lightly pickled julienned carrots and daikon, loads of cilantro, and bean sprouts.
I picked pork.  It strikes me as the most traditional, though I’m accustomed to having to specify the preparation I want — pork roll, grilled, chinese BBQ, meatballs, etc.

The pork Manna serves is a grilled version that I would characterize as adjusted for American taste — lightly marinated, big thick slices of meat, hearty portion.  This probably accounts for the pricing somewhat — $7 is pretty expensive in my banh mi universe (I’m accustomed to spending more like $3-$4 in hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese bakeries).
I realize that they bill themselves as “Vietnamese-inspired,” but I’d love to see them offer a more traditional banh mi as well, perhaps as a special.  Traditional might not be the right word, since what I’m thinking of as “traditional” is really a mash-up of French and Vietnamese cuisine.  You know, a little pate spread  on the baguette … rice flour mixed into the bread dough for an airier texture … more assertively marinated meats …. and I was missing the sliced cucumber and hot pepper toppings.
I made a crack about mixing religious and food zealotry at the beginning of this review, and a quick perusal of their website confirms that the folks running this truck are people of faith.  They do mix their religious beliefs and their food business, but in this case they are donating a portion of their sales receipts to feed the hungry and spending most Sundays to help with fundraising at charitable events.  Kudos to these folks for serving-up true Christian values rather than spewing righteousness.  I’d eat here any time.” — Susan Y. (Yelp) — August 5th, 2012

“This #vegan Bahn Mi from @mannafoodtruck is a winner! #plantbased #whatveganseat  @Justice League Of Street Food” — betterwithveg (Twitter) — August 4th, 2012

“I had my FIRST Banh Mi sandwich tonite and it was GREAT! I’m going to be honest, I didn’t know if I would like it. BECAUSE, whenever you order any kind of sandwich anywhere, it’s ALWAYS just garbage bread. Any deli, any restaurant, whatever, it’s cheap crap bread with no taste. But I was SO surprised, the bread you guys use for your sandwich was delicious too, just like the rest of the sandwich! Amazing! And congrats on the Best Food Truck award, you deserve it! I hope to come by again soon.” — George — August 3rd, 2012

“It still amazes me that such good fresh food can be made in a truck, and Manna is no exception! At the trendiest of all wine events downtown, Manna opened it’s windows & doors for passerby’s to come sample the goodness that it’s Manna’s. Because I was starving and dying to try everything, I ordered the pork, steak & shrimp taco’s. My boyfriend shared them all with me and we both came to the conclusion of WOW. The meat was tender, the ingredients were fresh, the taco was big enough to fit everything inside but small enough to pick up & tasted amazing! Not to mention the staff was very helpful and friendly, making my truck experience, a job well done! Thanks Manna!” — Katie R. (Yelp) — August 1st, 2012

“@mannafoodtruck Holy Shiznit, the dumplings are the money!!! @chipperbooth like!” — chipperbooth (Twitter) — June 30th, 2012

“I seen this little taste of heaven parked outside the Library on Broadway. Ordered me  a Pork Bahn Mi. 1st. The Employees are friendly and will explain whats on the menu. My Pork was a lil crispy but moist. The Bread had the crunch to it. I should of bought a Thai Tea because it kicked me in the face and i liked it. And the key ingredient is the veggies. Sweet and pickled per say. Now if they would add a Pork Belly Bahn mi to the menu I’d be in Pig Pork Heaven.” — Demitri R. (Yelp) — June 28th, 2012

“Howdy. I am writing from Nashville, Tennessee. My mother and I recently visited my younger brother in Denver. He raved about your food truck and insisted we try it. And we did. My mom and I about died (in the best way possible) after our first bite of your Banh mi. In all my mother’s 59 years, living in Chicago and Los Angeles  and even Canada, she swears that your Banh mi is THE best thing she has EVER eaten.. Sadly we have yet to find anything remotely close to it. So today, we spent ALL day trying to recreate your sandwich. We came kind of close, but something is still missing. Will you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send us your recipe?!?! PLEASE.” — Erin W. — July 25, 2012 — Facebook

“@mannafoodtruck Doing it up right! Bhan Mi is killer.” — @Joe_Sharkey (Twitter) — June 24, 2012

“Just ate the most delicious sandwich from a food truck! Yum!! @mannafoodtruck” — @iheartakira — June 21, 2012

“I finally got to sample a Banh-Mi sandwich from Manna From Heaven— voted the best food truck (2012) in the Westword Magazine. I had heard really good things, but I wasn’t sure what to think of this Vietnamese food truck with a name that doesn’t quite ring Southeast-Asian to me. So, the verdict? Delicious. They had a vegetarian version of Banh Mi that was packed with tofu, pickled carrots, sprouts, potatoes (which I had not seen before) and topped with a generous handful of cilantro. It was coated in a fabulous (traditional) chili-sauce that reminded me of the sauces I put on everything when I was in Vietnam. The sandwich was really good. I now get the hype. I quenched my thirst with a gigantic limeade because one has got to keep hydrated in this weather!” — Sparrows & Spatulas — June 20, 2012

Submitted by: Anya from YourHub“@mannafoodtruck the vegetarian Bahn Mi was fantastic! Thanks.” — @SparrowSpatula (Twitter) — June 19, 2012

“@mannafoodtruck Great chicken Bahn Mi Sandwich today at Civic Center Eats!  Thanks!!!” — @Raiderjake — June 19th, 2012

“Had a wonderful lunch with my daughter today.  Came late but was so glad you were still open.  The Banh Mi and potstickers “were to die for.”  Also appreciated your service and sweet spirit.  It didn’t go unnoticed.  Thanks for what you do to help those who need a meal.  I’m impressed!” — Deb K. — June 19, 2012

“DELICIOUS Bahn Mi and Limonade today – thanks!!” — Meghann P. (Facebook) — June 19, 2012


Submitted by: Riza“So great to meet you yesterday!!!! Your food is amazing!” — Ba-NOM-a-NOM (Facebook) — June 18, 2012“The Banh Mi is delicious! Yum!” — Operation Eggroll (Facebook) — June 17, 2012

“All I can say is…YUM!!! The potstickers were great!” — The Panna Cotta Peddler (Facebook) — June 7, 2012

“Best. Lunch. Ever.” — ArtSocial — June 5, 2012

“@mannafoodtruck is my new fave. You MUST try the pork Banh Mi and the Potstickers! #JLSF”@BobbyHarness (Twitter) — May 19, 2012

Submitted by: Anya from YourHub“Going to get my foodtruck happiness on with the Justice League of Street Food, including @quieroarepas and @mannafoodtruck.  So stoked.” — @aebennett — May 19, 2012

“I am an owner of a local food truck called PinkTank. I love to eat but really love to find trucks that I enjoy. I tried the banh mi for the first time yesterday and I was really pleased with what I was eating. The pork was cook just right and the fresh vegies were great.  I feel very happy that we as food truck owners can be represented by a truck with such good food and such good people. I hope you take my word for it and try this sandwich asap…” — David M. (Yelp) from PinkTank — May 11, 2012

“Finally, I was able to try Manna from Heaven. I had the pork Banh Mi. Loved it. The pork was very good and all the veggies made it a great sandwich. I can’t wait to try the tacos. I was in a toss up of what to try first. The service was excellent as well.” — Mary S. (Yelp) — May 10, 2012

“I had a pork manna rice boat today and it was delicious! Thank you so much for great food and great customer service!  See you soon.” — Wendy O. — May 10, 2012

“It’s always tough to decide between their Vietnamese tacos or a Bahn Mi every time I come across the Manna truck. If I have to pick, I go Vietnamese tacos, but sometimes I just order both and get the sandwich to go. Easily one of Denver’s top food trucks.” — Taylor V. (Yelp) — April 28, 2012

Submitted by: synchronouscity“Just had a delicious Pork Banh Mi from the @MannaFoodTruck for lunch. Fresh bread & veg, lots of protein, spicy, nice people too. Total win!” — @devnulled — April 27, 2012

“The salad was delish!” — MaryAnn — April 27, 2012

“I just ate the tacos from your truck.. wonderful!  I am such a food snob.. lol.. I had no idea what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised.  The combination of flavors was truly enjoyable.  I can hardly wait till next Friday to see you in LoDo again.” — Jeanette T. — April 27, 2012


Submitted by: Krystal Kraft“I just visited the truck and the banh mi was amazing. Thanks so much for providing Denver with a healthy and delectable alternative to boring food trucks!” — Michelle S. — April 26, 2012

“The food was amazing as were the friendly folks who operate this wonderful truck…thanks, Manna from Heaven! See you out on the streets soon! Love, The One Love Truck” — One Love Food Truck (Facebook) — April 22, 2012


“Happy accident running into @mannafoodtruck at Edison elementary this afternoon. Veggie tacos were unbelievably good!” — @jeni_a  (Twitter) —  April 20, 2012

“It’s official – @mannafoodtruck is my absolute favorite food truck. Everyone please eat their food because it’s AMAZING.” — @follyofone (Twitter) — April 5, 2012

REI“Food Truck Row Denver across from REI. Thanks @mannafoodtruck yum tacos!” — @sparklesco (Twitter) — March 31, 2012

“…We went with Manna From Heaven, which is Vietnamese inspired vegan cuisine. We got the tacos and the rice boat – really delicious!” — Christine (Colorado Vegan) — March 19, 2012

“Found this on accident when I got lost and boy did I feel lucky.  The Banh Mi is truly worth the $6!” — Dan K. (Yelp) — February 14, 2012


Submitted by: Sparrows and Spatulas“I’m a big fan of Vietnamese food, but sometimes I don’t always want to trek all the way to S. Federal to get my fix, especially when it is during the middle of the work day.  Enter Manna From Heaven, a bright blue food truck, specializing in Asian cuisine with a Vietnamese style to it.  While you won’t get S. Federal price from MFH, you get first-rate service and delicious, well-crafted food.  I’m a fan of their banh mi, which unfortunately makes you crave more of their banh mi.  Their pork is succulent and tender and the combination of veggies within the fresh bun makes my mouth water thinking about it.  I only wish they would slather on some pate on that bad boy.  They have a wide selection of noodle bowls that are filled to the brim with all kinds of veggies, bringing on less guilt later.  The best thing about MFH is their service.  You can call in your order ahead of time, so that it is ready when you arrive.  They also offer to give me a call when my food is ready — which has been necessary when I order the Vietnamese iced coffee, because they always brew their coffee fresh.” — Thomas S. (Yelp) — February 29, 2012

Submitted by: Bertha Lynn, 7News“I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a good food trucks food in Denver. And just recently I found them. Manna From Heaven! They have the best Banh Mi I’ve ever tasted, and their Smoothies are FANTASTIC! Hope to go back and get more with my friends! MANNA FROM HEAVEN ROCKS!!!!!” — Ronny A. (Yelp) — March 19, 2012

“Beer-Battered Fish Banh Mi was amazing, great first experience with a Banh Mi sandwich!!!” — Phil S. (Facebook) — March 24, 2011


Submitted by: Riza H. C.“Truly delicious and excellent service to boot!” — Bridget N. (Yelp) — March 3, 2012

“Unbelievably high level of cuisine off a truck! I had a fabulous Pork Banh Mi and Mango Strawberry smoothie. Great homemade Vietnamese-Inspired Cuisine served with a friendly and inviting attitude. Their colorful website is clear and direct when it comes to finding them! Not only is the whole truck so captivating, who could resist that adorable bunny rabbit?!!” — Liberty G. (Facebook)

“Best service, food and overall the BEST truck I’ve ever been to!! You guys rock!!!!!!!” — Brigid S. (Facebook)

“I have never before tried Vietnamese food until I stumbled upon this truck downtown at Beta Nightclub on Blake, something called the “Food Truck Row”. I bought a rather LARGE Naan Wrap that knocked my socks off!! Obviously, Naan is not a Vi…etnamese dish, but hey -they’re a Vietnamese INSPIRED truck! The veggies were so fresh and the grilled Pork was full of flavor I had never tasted. The bread is freshly baked on their truck and had a unique flavor as well. It was totally worth the $7. Love these guys!” — Kari S. (Yelp) — February 15, 2012


“I’m not one for Facebook, but I made one JUST so I could tell the world how absolutely worth it your food is! I’ll be back. And then I’ll come back again. It’s THAT good.” — Semira S. (Facebook)
“One of my favorite trucks, they serve up acceptably priced Vietnamese grub. The Potstickers and Banh Mi are just about my favorite items, which one is better… still debating!” — Steven A. (Facebook)

Submitted by: EricWorks“In an attempt to get my son, an 8th grader, to work a little harder in school this year I decided to go for a reward system. I told Spencer that if he did well in school, and had all of his assignments turned after the first month that he could choose his reward. He decided that all he wanted to do was eat lunch at a food truck (thanks Food Network). Living near Chatfield High School in the Ken Caryl neighborhood, we don’t see a lot of food trucks, so I decided that our first trip to Civic Center Eats was in order. Spencer saw your truck from a distance and said “I want to go to the one with the clouds”. I asked him why that one since he hadn’t even seen the menu and he said “cuz it’s cool looking”. Long story short, we shared  spicy chicken bahn mi and it was amazing!!! To be fair, we sampled from other trucks too, but the yours was hands down, our favorite. We will do our best to follow and enjoy your food, but we would love it if you found yourselves in our corner of the burbs some time. Thanks for being awesome so my son will continue to get good grades for bahn mi !!!!” — Kate W.

Submitted by: Phil Swanson“I just finished Manna’s Banh Mi ($6), Taco Trio ($6.50), and Fish Taco ($3.5)! Such an awesome deal! I was quite intoxicated, so the food made me want to eat & drink more it was so good! The Service is fantastic, and the food was even better! I don’t know how I’ve lived without this truck. YUM!!!!” — Sarah S. (Yelp) — February 26, 2012

“I have never before tried Vietnamese food until I stumbled upon this truck downtown at Beta Nightclub on Blake, something called the “Food Truck Row”. I bought a rather LARGE Naan Wrap that knocked my socks off!! Obviously, Naan is not a Vietnamese dish, but hey -they’re a Vietnamese INSPIRED truck! The veggies were so fresh and the grilled Pork was full of flavor I had never tasted. The bread is freshly baked on their truck and had a unique flavor as well. It was totally worth the $7. Love these guys!” — Kari S. (Yelp)

“I was ‘won over’ as a customer with Manna! Here’s the story- I went for the first time with a friend to see the food trucks at the Civic Center last month… and though overwhelmed by so many choices, right away I could see the biggest crowd was in front of the Manna Truck! So based solely on that, I orderd a ‘Popped Rice Salad’ because it looked so good…but sadly, I waited and waited…turned out it was BAD timing, they were having issues with the stove and got way behind! All around me, I heard people who had also been waiting for their order saying “Never again,” and I felt the same way, but at that point I’d already waited awhile and was still curious to see why they had such a crowd waiting for their food! They were nice enough to give us some great Limonades for waiting, and, sure enough, when we did get the salads, they were SO GOOD, I realized I couldn’t give up on them after all! In fact, I’m going back there today to get the same Popped Rice Platter I got the last time! Thanks and good luck with your business.” — George M., Denver CO

“I got to enjoy the aptly named Manna From Heaven food truck yesterday at Civic Center. I ordered the Manna Feast and it was absolutely amazing! The fruit and vegetables and flavorful seasoned meats all came together in a sweet and savory sensation all on an edible plate! Thanks for a truly wonderful meal. The Manna folks are humanitarians (they donate proceeds to feed the hungry) who serve up top-notch, fascinating fare. I’ll be back as often as you come by.” — Jonny D.

“Yummy cake balls from new food truck friend Manna from Heaven Gourmet Food Truck. We have no pictures of the delicious fish tacos and banh mi they gifted us because we scarfed them down before we could bust out the camera.” — Sesame Seed Food Truck

Submitted by: Melanie J. Rice“Wonderful to see you and talk today at Civic Center Eats. I did want to mention that your food enhances in flavor every time I visit, the chili sauce is now my favorite. And people are bound to find something they will love on your menu, no matter how picky the eater may be. Loving it and coming back for more. I thank you for providing the Denver community with such excellent eats and service.” — Chloe

“Loved the Oodles of Noodles and Potstickers!” — Amy V.

“Yes, they make some awesome food, but this strawberry mango smoothie from Manna from Heaven Gourmet Food Truck sure hit the spot this past hot Sunday afternoon at Food Truck Row.” — Sesame Seed Food Truck (Facebook) — March 27, 2012

“Your coconut-honey dew smoothies are the bomb!!!! Didnt want the darn thing to end when I was sucking out of the straw! Yum!!!! Pure summer divinity!!! OneLove.” — Melissa E. (Facebook) — April 18, 2012

Gabby Gourmet“Manna From Heaven is a funny name for a Vietnamese inspired food truck, but I can overlook that because the food is truly heavenly! I ordered the “Vietnamese Taco” with chicken and the Udon soup with portabella mushrooms; this past Friday at the Santa Fe First Friday Art Walk. I told my wife that I could get that everyday and not get tired of it. Granted, I’m a huge fan of Asian food but this was excellent. The flavors were bold and perfectly paired. I don’t even know what else to say. But if God wanted to drop Vietnamese Tacos on me every morning like Manna From Heaven I wouldn’t be angry with Him.” — Tim K. ( Yelp) — April 9, 2012

“What I had? Banh Mi (Our award-winning Vietnamese Sandwich filled with an array of fresh veggies served with our unique Mayo/Sriracha Spread) with pork Food review: Holy moly…. how have I gone so long without hearing about this wonderfulness called Banh Mi? I don’t know where to even begin with this review. The marinated pork, that spread..wow that was super tasty.. the sprouts and all the veggies that came with it. It was fantastic and I certainly concur with it being very deserving of having the title Best Food Truck in Denver (2012). I am quite impressed. Service? Very quick and professional Other thoughts: Thanks to a tip from a friend, I was able to find this place near the downtown REI. Best Food Truck in Denver indeed!! Westword Best of strikes again.  ” — Jeffrey E. (Yelp) — April 1, 2012



Submitted by: Vadelkind“Today was the Vegan Neat Market put on by Plants & Animals Denver. I woke up a little late today but still made it in time before everything ran out. I had lunch at the Manna from Heaven food truck outside… Vietnamese tacos three ways. Not really sure what was on them, but they were quite tasty.” — Bakerface (Tumblr) — March 18, 2012
“Manna From Heaven Gourmet Food Truck is among the BEST food trucks in Colorado…Who doesn’t love Vietnamese food? If you haven’t tried it, go and eat…NOW!” — Justin D. (Facebook)

“Banh Mi = Phenomenal. Great service, even better food, all around good eats! Thanks.” — Brian Z. (Facebook)

“YUM!!! Your food is really good! I love the Banh Mi and Mango/Strawberry Smoothie! I’m coming to eat every chance I get. Thanks!” — Sandra F. (Facebook)

Submitte by: AprilRox“I’m not sure about the rest of the food there since I havent tried it, but the banh mi…. OMG, they are the best! I asked for an original banh mi at first and was quickly turned down by the cook. She explained their banh mi comes in different flavors and they are Vietnamese inspired. I didnt like that answer but then I asked for their best one, and she promptly suggested the pork banh mi. At a price of $6 for 6″ I was a little hesitant at first, but I’m glad I decided to eat it. This banh mi is an explosion of flavors in your mouth, coming one right after the other but all in perfect sync. I enjoyed every bite of it and will definetly come back for more!” — Her R. (Yelp) — January 27, 2012

“Banh Mi – awesome. Soup – awesome! Thanks for a great day, guys!” — Vegan Van (Facebook) — January 26, 2012


“As I look through your photos, my mouth starts watering, and I realize that I think you guys live right by me. Can I just come grab my lunch every day before you guys take off for the day? I’m almost positive I could live off your menu for the rest of my life. Haha.” — Joseph P. (Facebook) — January 23, 2012

Submitted by: Riza H. C.“thank you for the nice service last night! wse loved our bahn mi and my boyfriend was glad you cautioned him against spilling on his suit! Thanks!” — Jessica S. — January 22, 2012


“Thanks for stopping by Westmoore Circle today. The food was awesome. I really enjoyed the Manna Rice bowl. I do hope you stop by again. It is nice to a fresh cooked meal right outside the door. It sure beats eating from a can of soup, that is for sure! I look forward to seeing you again in our business park.” — Kent N. — January 18, 2012

Submitted by: Sesame Seed Food Truck“Yum yum! I ate the BEST Banh Mi and Naan Wrap evarrr. Thanks guys! You’ll be seeing me at next months Art Walk!” — Megan C. — January 13, 2012

“I tried your food for the very first time at a Yoga event a little while back in December… LOVE how everything just meshed beautifully. You could tell how healthy and fresh all the veggies were; the bread was perfectly toasted, veggies marinated to perfection… the meat was encased beautifully between all those bean sprouts, carrots and herbs. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!” — Brigid S. (Facebook) — January 10, 2012

Manna & Scott“Delicious lunch!  I just arrived in Colorado for a business trip, and after dropping off my computer at the office, walked outside and ordered your Taco Trio. The meal was delicious and will certainly order again if you are outside tomorrow and Friday.  If not, I will look for your truck when I return. Thanks for a delicious meal.  It was wonderful.” — Demetrius K. — January 8, 2012

“@mannafoodtruck I love you guys sooooo much.” — @ChaunceyLarsen (Twitter) — January 8, 2012

“Manna From Heaven is by far the best one of the 50+ trucks. These guys never stop working or fighting for street food rights in Denver.” — Billy — January 3, 2012

“You guys rock!” — Jose G. (Facebook) — December 31, 2011
“Yuum, the Citrus Herb Shrimp banh mi was delicious! I’m definitely hooked, except for the fact that I live in DC and the food truck driver said he can barely make it up the hill, much less make it all the way out to DC. If I ever find myself back in Denver, I’ll definitely look for this truck!” — David R. (Yelp) — December 15, 2011

“I am surprised the potstickers from @mannafoodtruck aren’t illegal, because they are THAT addictive.” — @kraftus (Twitter) — November 5, 2011

“These days food trucks are all the rage. They are plastered all over Food Network, and all the hip urbanites can’t seem to get enough. As much as I would like to take a cheap shot at hipsters, I have to admit that I really am quite fond of food trucks. All summer long I kept listening to my little sis talk about Civic Center Eats, where every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the summer Civic Center Park became a parking lot for a wide variety of food trucks. Unfortunately, I was not able to hit up Civic Center until this past Thursday, the last day of Civic Center Eats for the Summer. Of all the food trucks from which to choose I hit up Manna from Heaven. Manna from Heaven is a Vietnamese truck specializing, it would appear, in banh mi. Because I was planning a Texas de Brazil excursion for dinner I didn’t want to glutton myself (as I ordinarily might have), so I settled for a single sandwich. I waited almost no time for my spicy pork banh mi to arrive through the food truck window. Although I adore a good authentic vietnamese sandwhich, I also couldn’t get enough of this slightly anglicized version. It lacked the funk (for lack of a better word) that is really quite enjoyable from a banh mi shop like the Aboba Cafe in Lakewood (or Ba Le for that matter), but was crisp, refined, and delicious. I am already stalking this truck’s website to figure out where I need to meet it in order to try some of the other goodies they have to offer.” — John B. (Yelp) — October 1, 2011

“‎3 am, banh mi really is happiness in a bun. Thank you.” — Zach S. (Facebook) — October 1, 2011

City & County“Amazing food tonight! tried half of your menu and can’t wait to try the other. I work a block away and please come back often, made new fans for you tonight. Those tacos and bahn mi were amazing. Potstickers and rice bowl next! Threw a Facebook shoutout as well!” — Aaron R. (Facebook) — September 30, 2011

“Love you guys. Thanks for the introduction to bahn mi. Had to make that entirely out of the way stop at beta to see you guys last night. Thanks.” — Joseph P. (Facebook) — September 25, 2011

“@mannafoodtruck so delicious! Thank you Manna Truck come back to the Breakers soon!” — @HandGunSB (Twitter) — September 21, 2011

“Yes! At Breakers tonight! Been a couple weeks, need my fill! You guys are great!” — Mike H. (Facebook) — September 21, 2011
“@mannafoodtruck yeah – that 1st Banh Mi was taaaaaasty!  Came on mellow, got extra spicy for the finish. Thanks again guys!” — @johnb31 (Twitter) — September 4, 2011

City Park “Dear @mannafoodtruck your Banh Mi is delicious! #CivicCenterEats” — Jgabernathy (Twitter)

“@mannafoodtruck – just wanted to say that @lorimidson is so right – your banh mi is fantastic!” — VanYikes (Twitter) ” Pork Banh mi was outstanding!” — Eric K.

“Thanks for the wonderful food today. The Banh Mi was amazing and the Pot Stickers with the salad was so good!” — Street Eats Gourmet Food Truck (Facebook) — June 9, 2011

“I ate the banh mi with pork and also tried the Vietnamese limeade. Both were Fantastic!!!” — Maria B.

“I had lunch there today. It was awesome!!! You have to try it!” — Valerie B.
Submitted by: Denver Street Food“Got to try Manna for the first time last night & I was pleasantly surprised- It was nothing short of INCREDIBLE & the prices were extremely reasonable! ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! It was like eating at a restaurant with wheels! Gourmet food on the go! I love that it is made fresh to order & not pre-made & sitting under a heat lamp all day. Thoroughly impressed with the quality. Thanks so much for stopping by Northglenn- I will keep an eye out for your truck & send my friends your way. I love that this is family owned & what you do for your fellow man by donating. KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK Larry & Vu!” — Katie R. (Facebook) — Sept. 15, 2011 “Just loved our day with Manna from Heaven . We ate this sandwich that was so yummy. Every body wanted a bite. Next time I won’t say how good it is, untill its gone.. (so I don’t have to share) lol Can’t wait untill we see see you all again.” — Sweet Lil Bakery (Facebook) — Aug. 21, 2011


Submitted by: mds1224“@mannafoodtruck first Banh Mi today–pork. Awesome. Can’t wait to try more!” — @Bill_Crispin (Twitter) — August 12, 2011

“I thoroughly enjoyed my bahn mi sandwich and limonade today. Thank you!” — Rachel W. (Facebook) — Aug. 9, 2011

“Just had an amazing Vietnamese sandwich from @mannafoodtruck at Civic Center Eats. Delicious street food!” — @VadElkind (Twitter) — August 4, 2011

“In short the food was great.  That had to be the best mango I have ever had.  The flavors all worked really well together and I am looking forward to trying it again.  Thank you for the deal.” — Scott G.

Submitted by: Pho-natic“Manna from heaven: My husband and I had your delicious bahn mi and eggrolls with your home made nuoc cham sauce last night downtown! Your food and service was more than amazing and the fact that 10% of our purchase goes to a great cause only impressed us more. Keep it up guys! Love, the lipsey family” — Nokkie L. (Facebook) — Aug. 7, 2011

“I’m a manna-iac! Those sammiches are so good.” — Natalie E. (Facebook) — July 28, 2011

“Just picked up a Banh Mi sandwich from the @manna foodtruck at the  #DragonboatFestival in Sloans Lake. #yummy” — @RLSunshine (Twitter) — July 31, 2011

“Manna from Heaven is amazing. They were at the Kidspree Event in Aurora a couple weeks ago and I went to them both days. Their rendition of the classic Vietnamese sub is amazing!! The bread is not so crispy that it cuts your mouth like some others and the flavors are amazing. I definitely recommend this food truck!” — Eric A. (Yelp) — July 31, 2011

“Good Afternoon! About an hour ago I left my office and headed towards the food trucks in Civic Center park.  To my dismay, all but 1, yours, had stopped service. This was my first experience with the Manna Food Truck, and while it was a bit forced upon me, I couldn’t have been happier.  I ordered chicken Bahn Mi.  The chicken was spot on, but my favorite parts were the vegetable topping/ relish.  I’d have been happy to sit in a barrel of that. I know it must be a headache to chop that volume of veggies as small as necessary, but it was perfect.  This sandwich is currently helping me crush everything for the afternoon, and on to some swimming this evening. Even better was the price of $5. Great! I certainly enjoyed chatting with you while waiting for my food. Best of luck from here on out and looking forward to seeing you in the park again. Thanks much.” — Rob A.

“I’m Vietnamese, and your Banh Mi tops the traditional fare found on Federal! Cannot be compared. I love the pork. Yummy… I’ll be back.” — Truong M. — July 30th, 2011

“I am a Manna Maniac! I just wanted to e-mail you and thank you and your family for providing Denver with something fresh, original, and delicious. The street-food scene is amazing here, but you really stepped up the competition! Delicious. Thank you.” — Baxter C. — July 28th, 2011

“Banh Mi was awesome. Best food at the People’s Fair.” — Tom B. (People’s Fair, 2011)

“I liked that it was really healthy. Like I could taste how clean and healthy it was. If that makes any sense lol. It was a really good combination of chicken and vegetables and the ingredients all just flowed together.” — Nancy C.  (People’s Fair, 2011)

“You are now my favorite restaurant of all time!” — Trina C. (People’s Fair, 2011)

“First time ever trying a Cake Pop… have to say, it was pretty tasty! Your bahn mi was delicious -exceeded my expectations coming from a food truck. Thanks guy for a great lunch!” — Evan D. (People’s Fair, 2011)

“Of all the vendors at the People’s Fair, yours is the best! Awesome food, awesome people, I’m honored to have been among your very first customers. The bread is moist, yet crispy, slathered with their mayo house sauce and crunchy blend of so many fresh veggies, party in my mouth! The meat is freshly grilled, I had the pork. Talk about melt in your mouth… YUM!” — Anarlia V. (People’s Fair, 2011)

Submitted by: Denver Street Food“Thanks so much for the bahn mi delivery last night! Delicious.” — Quiero Arepas (Facebook) — July 2, 2011

“Best banh mi in Denver by far, haven’t had such a flavorful sandwich in my life! You guys are epic. Not only are you flashy and bold, your food just bumps up the level cuisine to be expected from a truck. High-quality. Thanks for lunch!” — Todd Q. — July 1st, 2011

“The best food truck at the First Friday Art Walk on Santa Fe!” — David T. — July 1st, 2011

Submitted by: Caveman Cafeteria“Enjoying frozen lemonade and banh mi from @MannaFoodTruck at First Friday apt walk in beautiful downtown Denver.” — @blatzblatzblatz (Twitter) — July 1, 2011

“@mannafoodtruck – just wanted to say that @lorimidson is so right – your banh mi is fantastic!” — @vanyikes (Twitter) — June 24, 2011

“Dear @mannafoodtruck your Banh Mi is delicious! #CivicCenterEATS” — @jgabernathy (Twitter) — June 21, 2011

“Had your food for the first time on Tuesday, it was great. Thank you.” — Dustin C. (Facebook) — June 9, 2011

Submitted by: Ablaze Food Truck“My friends, David & Sara work in a progressive and fast paced company.  However, recent cutbacks and downsizing has threatened their ability to frequent fine dining establishments.  They were hungry for something…  But greasy fast food was not an appetizing option.  As they approached the curbside, they noticed a brightly painted truck that has a Bunny sitting on the Fields of Green under the Blue Sky, called MANNA from HEAVEN.  David recalled the Tweet he received from his friends and co-workers that morning, notifying hungry readers that there’s a New Food Truck in town. The Colorado based – Gourmet Food Truck features an Infusion of VIETNAMESE INSPIRED Savory and Wholesome Cuisine – with a menu that offers different “MANNA” selections each week.  The post said the Gourmet Food Truck was only available for 3 hours at Denver’s Civic Center Park, where they work.  David grabbed Sara’s arm and raced her toward the aroma that was causing a line of loyal diners and curious passersby to form.  WOW!  Unique, Tantalizing, Nutritious, AND Wallet-Friendly Food!  Now that’s appetizing.   I can’t wait to try their creations!”  — Leva M.

manna from heaven gourmet food truck and catering catering catering catering catering catering catering catering catering catering catering catering cateirng catering catering catering catering catering catering catering catering catering catering catering catering catering catering food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck food truck denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver denver colorado colorado colorado colorado colorado colorado colorado colorado colorado colorado colorado colorado colorado colorado colorado manna from heaven gourmet food truck and catering manna from heaven gourmet food truck and catering manna from heaven gourmet food truck manna from heaven gourmet food truck manna from heaven gourmet food truck and catering manna from heaven gourmet food truck and catering manna from heaven gourmet food truck and catering manna food truck manna food truck manna food truck manna food truck manna food truck manna food truck manna food truck manna food truck manna food truck manna food truck foodtruck foodtruck foodtruck foodtruck foodtruck foodtruck foodtruck foodtruck foodtruck foodtruck foodtruck foodtruck foodtruck foodtruck foodtruck vietnamese inspired cuisine vietnamese inspired cuisine vietnamese insired cuisine vietnamese inspired cuisine vietnamese inspired cuisine vietnamese inspired cuisine vietnamese inspired cuisine vietnamese inspired cuisine vietnamese inspired cuisine vietnamese inspired cuisine best food truck in denver best food truck in denver best food truck in denver best food truck in denver best food truck in denver best food truck in denver best food truck in denver best food truck in denver best food truck in denver best food truck in denver asian food asian food asian food asian food asian food asian food asian food asian food asian food asian food asian food asian food asian food asian food chinese chinese chinese chinese chinese chinese chinese chinese chinese chinese chinese chinese chinese american american american american american american american healthy nutriout healthy nutrious healthy nutritious healthy nutritious healthy nutritious healthy nutritious healthy nutritious healthy nutritious healthy nutritious healthy nutritious healthy nutritious healthy nutritious vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan vegan manna from heaven gourmet food truck and catering manna from heaven gourmet food truck and catering manna from heaven gourmet food truck and catering manna from heaven gourmet food truck and catering manna from heaven gourmet food truck and catering manna from heaven gourmet food truck and catering


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